The goal of Great Science For All® (GSFA) is to provide science educational opportunities for challenged socio-economic communities and children in grades Pre-K through 5th grade.

The mission of this non-profit is to close the achievement gap and provide future career opportunities for these children in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Innovation, & Mathematic (STEIM) fields.

About Us

Great Science For All® was created in the expectation that thoughtful people all over the world are coming to the realization that science, delivered effectively, passionately and with all the cognitive requirements of age appropriate learning is needed now more than ever.

Science, at its best, is the great advancement of hope and aspirations. But for that dream to be fulfilled, there must be a far better opportunity for all. Thus, Great Science For All exists to provide program and learning opportunities for children who do not otherwise have full and fair opportunity to advance their thinking, their powerful creative impulse, & their natural curiosity in an inquiry based hands-on science learning model.

GSFA is organized exclusively for charitable educational and scientific purposes, it is recognized as a 501c(3) by the United States government.

In creating GSFA we are seeing that on the one hand, there are many interested individuals who want to see today's children enjoy great science. And, on the other hand, in an era of frequently uncertain funding arrangements, there are too many children whose institutions need help to support a confident and tested source of science services.

We encourage your many inquiries and questions of all manner. We will work diligently with special funders to provide targeted science programs for the pre-K to 5th grade level.

Board of Directors


Dr. Christine Broadbridge

Yale University &
SCSU Professor


Dr. Norris Haynes

Yale University &
SCSU Professor


Alexis Cort

Computer Scientist &
Serial Entrepreneur



Lawyer &


Dr. Madeline Baer

Patent Attorney,
New York


Dr. Reginald Mayo

Inner City Superintendent
For 30 Years

Funding Opportunities


Undesignated Scholarship Fund

Funds offset costs for summer and holiday hands-on science camps or individual cost program participation.

Suggested Contribution: $100


Fund Lab Coats

Fund lab coats for need-based children. Lab coats are a source of great pride for students.

Min. Suggested Contribution: $100


Fund One Program

Funds will cover the cost of one specialty hands-on science class.

Suggested Contribution: $175


Fund Science Curriculum Units

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Suggested Contribution: $595 Per Unit


Science In The Classroom

Fund science in the classroom for one year.

Suggested Contribution: $10,000


Science Solution Sponsor - Individual Level

Become a Science Solution Sponsor at an individual level.

Suggested Contribution: $5000


Science Solution Sponsor - Corporate Level

Become a Science Solution Sponsor at a Corporate Level.

Suggested Contribution: $10,000


School Sponsor

Funding will transform an entire school into a state of the art STIEM focused school.

Suggested Contribution: $150,000



Who should apply for funding?

GSFA is broadly designed to assist institutions though it does accept individual need based application.


Who Should Donate?

Anyone, privately, through a foundation or through a corporate source or grant partnership who wants to advance science education among targeted profiles of challenged communities, institutions or individuals.


How will the process work?

Funds raised will be applied to the costs of Hands-on Science programing including but not limited to Little Scientists, and Great Scientists programs.